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Suction curettage with general anaesthesia or additional pain relief


The treatment

If you have a suction curettage performed under general anaesthesia, you will have a short sleep and you will not notice anything of the treatment. During this so-called perioperative examination (ultrasound) and talk, all anaesthetic requirements and what you can expect on the day of your appointment will be discussed with you. All talks take place with a sworn interpreter, whom we will call on the day of your appointment. On the day of treatment, the anaesthetist will also ask you a few questions in your own language. The official documents, such as the treatment contract, the declaration of fasting and the information to be sent home are also drawn up in your language and/or will be given to you by us.


You must fast before anaesthesia

In case of a treatment under anaesthesia or with a strong painkiller you have to be at your appointment fasting.  This means that your stomach must be empty and that

  • eatingis allowed up to 6 hours before the appointment, after that it is absolutely not allowed.
  • drinking: you may not drink ANYTHING at all in the last two hours before the appointment. Six to two hours before, drinking water, tea or coffee without milk is allowed.
  • medication: up to one hour before the appointment, you can take your usual medication with a sip of water. 
    EXCEPTIONS are blood thinners and medication for diabetes mellitus. If you are taking these medicines, please contact the clinic to make arrangements.

If you are NOT fasting, you can NOT be given anaesthesia or extra painkillers.

Schedule an appointment

We can be reached by telephone from Mondays – Thursdays 8:15 am – 16:15 pm and on Fridays from 8:15 am – 12:15 pm.

Or ask your question via

Please bring

  • Referral letter from the family doctor, if available.
  • Blood type card, if in your possession, in connection with the rhesus factor.
  • Passport or identity card.
  • Health card of your health insurance company.
  • Nightshirt/long T-shirt, slippers (or socks), extra underwear (no thongs), bathrobe.
  • Sanitary towels for after treatment (no tampons).
  • Money or bank card (Maestro) if you want to buy an IUD from us.
  • Medicine and medication list. Do you use medication? If so, please bring them with you on the day of the treatment. You can ask your pharmacy for a medication summary. 


After treatment DO NOT go home on your own

When you have been treated under general anaesthetic, you may NOT go home on your own. You may also  NOT participate in traffic, NOT drive a vehicle or ride a bike for 24 hours after the anaesthetic treatment. Your partner or companion will be able to pick you up after about 3.5 to 4 hours from the time of the appointment. 


After the treatment

At the end of your stay in the clinic, we will give you advice and instructions on how to proceed after your treatment in your own language. To prevent infections, we will give you antibiotics to take home with you.


Other treatment methods

You can also choose curettage under local anaesthesia. Another option is treatment with the abortion pill, which can be used up to 9 weeks.