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The procedure for treatment in an abortion clinic

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A termination of pregnancy is not only a medical procedure, but also a major event. At our clinic, it is possible to bring along (a maximum of 1) partner or guardian during the intake interview. Naturally, we are always mindful of the privacy of our clients.

Legal provisions

Five days reflection period

The law states that the decision to have an abortion must be made voluntarily and well-considered. For this reason, there is a statutory five-day reflection period for when you may have an abortion.

Depending on the stage of pregnancy, abortions are divided into:

  • an early abortion (up to and including a pregnancy of six weeks and two days)
  • or an abortion treatment (if the pregnancy is longer than 6 weeks and two days).


Early abortion

For an early abortion (terminating a pregnancy up to and including six weeks and two days) you have nothing to do with the legal reflection period and you can contact the clinic directly to make an appointment.


Abortion treatment

In the case of an abortion treatment (termination of pregnancy beyond six weeks and two days), Dutch law requires that you take at least five days to reflect on your intention to terminate your pregnancy.  The five-day reflection period commences as soon as you have spoken to your GP (referral interview) or discussed your intention to terminate the pregnancy with one of our doctors. The abortion treatment can take place from the sixth day onwards.


Decision making interview and examination

An ultrasound examination will always check how long you have been pregnant. You can have the decision making interview with your general practitioner or with a doctor of our clinic. If you have consulted your GP, you must bring a completed referral letter from this doctor to our clinic.