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Which contraception is best for me?

Contraception with or without hormones?

No woman is the same and her personal circumstances may differ. For example, there are women who have no children, women who are breastfeeding or women who already have a complete family. Some women often forget to take the pill, or prefer contraception with as few hormones as possible.


In short, every woman has her own specific situation and individual wishes. There are many different methods of contraception available. It is therefore important to make a good choice. First, we explain the difference between so-called ‘combination methods’ ‘oestrogen’ and ‘progesterone’ and ‘methods without oestrogen’.

Combination methods oestrogen and progesterone

A combination method contains two hormones: ‘oestrogen’ and ‘progesterone’. The available combination methods are the combined contraceptive pill, the contraceptive patch and the contraceptive ring.



Two important characteristics of a combination method are: a usually regular menstrual pattern, the menstruation (stop week) can be skipped, postponed or shifted. Combination methods are available in various dosages and with different types of hormones.


Synthetic or endogenous hormones

Most combination methods contain a synthetic hormone, but there are also methods with a body’s own hormone. These are only available in the form of a pill. A combination method is not recommended in certain situations, such as when breastfeeding, oestrogen intolerance or thrombosis.  A method without oestrogen may also be considered for migraine.


Methods without oestrogen

As the name suggests, a method without oestrogen only contains the hormone ‘progesterone’. One pill without oestrogen is available in the Netherlands. Like the combined contraceptive pill, this is a reliable pill that is taken daily. A method without oestrogen can be a solution for women who are breastfeeding or women with oestrogen-related side effects.



It is important to know that an oestrogen-free method does not have a stop-week and that menstruation cannot be skipped or delayed. In addition, it is good to know that when using the method without oestrogen, menstruation can change or even stay away altogether.


Finally, there is sterilisation. This is a permanent method.

Permanent contraception

Finally, there is sterilisation. This is a permanent method.

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