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Treatment methods of Stimezo Abortion Clinic in Zwolle

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What to do in case of an unwanted pregnancy?

At our clinic, it is possible to terminate a pregnancy up to a maximum of 13 weeks.  If you are more than 13 weeks pregnant, we will help you with a referral to another abortion clinic.


Prior to any treatment, an ultrasound scan is made to determine the exact stage of the pregnancy. Depending on your gestational age, terminations are classified as:

  • an early abortion treatment (this is a pregnancy up to 6 weeks and 2 days) or
  • an abortion treatment (this is a pregnancy longer than 6 weeks and 2 days)


Treatment Methods

There are two ways to terminate a pregnancy early:

  • by suction curettage (also called instrumental treatment) or
  • by means of a drug treatment; the abortion pill