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Providing abortion care for more than 40 years

Termination of pregnancy

For over 40 years, Stimezo Zwolle has been professionally supporting women who have become pregnant unintentionally and are considering termination of pregnancy (abortion) in a committed way. At Stimezo Zwolle, the psychological and general wellbeing of the woman before, during and after an abortion is paramount. The Stimezo team provides tailored care and examines with the woman which treatment best suits her personal preference. We believe that the woman’s freedom of choice is very important and we guide her in making a well-considered decision. Our advice and information are aimed at helping the woman formulate her decision making process as clearly as possible. 


Contraception advice

The medical team of Stimezo counsels women in making a good choice about the use of contraception. We will be happy to give personal advice on contraception to prevent a repeat abortion. The placement of an IUD of her choice after the treatment is one of the possibilities. 


Professional and involved

Stimezo Zwolle works with NGvA registered abortion doctors, NVOG registered gynaecologists, NVA registered anaesthesiologists and V&VN registered abortion nurses.

About us

Without judgement

The attitude of the staff of Stimezo Zwolle is professional, empathic and expert. They do not judge or condemn what is said and always take the woman’s questions seriously.



Stimezo staff do not take a decision for her, no matter how difficult this decision may be for the woman. The counselling provided to reach a well-considered decision and any subsequent treatment is focused on the woman and her specific problems. The medical team at Stimezo provides customised care for women.



The entire procedure is subject to medical confidentiality and the law on privacy. This means that we never give out any information about the woman’s stay at the clinic to third parties without the woman’s explicit consent. We also do not inform the health insurance company or the family doctor.