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Information on contraception, abortion and abortion clinics

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The links below will let you read about safe sex, abortion clinics and abortion and how to deal with it.


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Abortion clinics and abortion doctors 

Dutch Association of Abortion Specialists. Provides information on the NGvA, the address details of abortion clinics in the Netherlands and answers the most frequently asked questions about abortion. 

The umbrella organisation of seven affiliated abortion clinics, including Abortion Clinic Stimezo Zwolle. Provides information on the Cooperating Abortion Clinics Foundation and information on abortion.


Abortion and abortion processing 

Is part of the Federation of Institutions for the Unmarried Mother (FIOM). For online assistance with abortion counselling, post-abortion complaints and reactions from the community, as well as the platform for information for men, stories from others and a discussion forum on abortion.

Sexuality and safe sex 

Website created by Soa Aids Nederland, Rutgers WPF, Municipal Health Service (GGD) Netherlands, the centres for sexual health and their regional partners, RIVM and ZonMw. Everything about sexuality, relationships, love, risks. The website is aimed at young people. 

Collaboration project of Rutgers WPF and the University of Groningen. Information on sexuality and relationships aimed at adults. Attention for sexuality and people with an illness or disability, information on contraception and safe sex, but also what to do in case of unsafe sex (information on the morning-after pill, unwanted pregnancy or STD test) and an overview of common contraceptive errors.

Independent contact point for questions about contraception. Everything about (the various methods of) contraception. For example, what to do if you forget your pill and information on emergency contraception. 

Website of Soa Aids Nederland, the expertise centre for HIV/aids and other STIs. This website provides a lot of information about STIs, HIV/AIDS and safe sex and various possibilities for direct contact with experts.