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Suction curettage with local anaesthetic


The treatment

During suction curettage with local anaesthesia, the cervix is first numbed. A thin tube (curette) is then inserted through the cervix into the uterus, which is emptied. The pain during treatment with local anaesthesia is comparable to a heavy menstrual cramp or contractions that last a few minutes.


After the treatment, you will stay in our resting room and have a short final talk with the doctor and/or nurse. All in all, this will take about half an hour. If all goes well, you may then go home.


Bringing someone along

You may bring (a maximum of 1) partner or companion with you during the intake interview prior to the treatment.


Schedule an appointment

We can be reached by telephone from Mondays – Thursdays 8:15 am – 16:15 pm and on Fridays from 8:15 am – 12:15 pm.

Or ask your question via

Please bring

  • Referral letter from the family doctor, if available.
  • Blood type card, if in your possession, in connection with the rhesus factor.
  • Passport or identity card.
  • Health card of your health insurance company.
  • Nightshirt/long T-shirt, slippers (or socks), extra underwear (no thongs), bathrobe.
  • Sanitary towels for after treatment (no tampons).
  • Money or bank card (Maestro) if you want to buy an IUD from us.
  • Medicine and medication list. Do you use medication? If so, please bring them with you on the day of the treatment. You can ask your pharmacy for a medication summary. 


After the treatment

At the end of your stay in the clinic, we will give you advice and instructions on how to proceed after your treatment. To prevent infections, we will give you antibiotics to take home with you. We will also give you a questionnaire and a letter for your GP with information about the treatment.


Other treatment methods

You can also opt for curettage under general anaesthesia and/or with additional pain relief. Another option is treatment with the abortion pill, which can be used up to 9 weeks.