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Mission and vision


The psychological and general wellbeing of the woman before, during and after an abortion is paramount for Stimezo Zwolle. Decision support talks, counselling and information are aimed at supporting the woman in making her decision as clearly and unambiguously as possible when terminating an unintended pregnancy. The protection of her privacy is guaranteed here.


If a woman has an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, she usually has to take a drastic decision within a short period of time, whether or not together with her (ex-)partner. Dilemmas, ethical questions, values and norms are inextricably linked to this decision-making process. A choice can be easy and straightforward. Or difficult and complicated. And all the variants that lie between these two extremes. Choices in unwanted pregnancy occur in women from the age of a teenager up to and including menopausal women. Stimezo believes that women’s freedom of choice is of great importance and guides them to a well-considered decision by means of decision aid talks.

Stimezo’s vision is that the general psychological well-being of women comes first. This means that a lot of attention is paid to the woman in the phase of life she is in, including her partner, family and other social networks that are important. Attention to women’s health and vitality is paramount. So is good information about contraception and preventing a repeat of an unwanted pregnancy.

Without judgement

The attitude of the staff of Stimezo Zwolle is professional, empathic and expert. They do not judge or condemn what is said and always take the woman’s questions seriously.