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Involved and professional
support in case of unwanted

Involved and
support in case of
unwanted pregnancy

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We can be reached by telephone from Mondays – Thursdays 8:15 am – 16:15 pm and on Fridays from 8:15 am – 12:15 pm.

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Abortion clinic Stimezo Zwolle helps with termination of pregnancy

In the event of an unwanted pregnancy, we believe it is important that women have the freedom to make a choice. Abortion Clinic Stimezo in Zwolle offers you a safe environment and assists you in the process of terminating your pregnancy. From decision-making to abortion to aftercare.

Unwanted pregnancy?

In our clinic, treatment is possible up to 13 weeks from the first day of the last period. Abortion is possible in the Netherlands up to a pregnancy term of 24 weeks. With a pregnancy of 13 weeks or more we will refer you to a second trimester clinic


All procedures in our clinic are subject to medical confidentiality. This means that we never give out any information about your stay at the clinic without your express consent. Your health insurance company will not be notified and you will never receive mail from us at home. Additional information on our privacy regulations can be obtained by sending an e-mail to



There can be many factors that make a pregnancy unwanted. We will have an unbiased discussion with you, always putting your needs first. In our clinic, we offer help to women of all ages. Because Stimezo Zwolle feels it is important that you can be treated as quickly as possible, we have NO waiting times. You can usually come to us on the same day for an ultrasound scan and a talk.

Treatments at our abortion clinic

We carry out several treatments in our clinic. These are: suction curettage under local anaestheticsuction curettage under anaesthesia and/or with additional pain relief and treatment with the abortion pill. Different procedures apply to the treatments. For example, in the case of a curettage (pregnancy less than 6 weeks and 2 days), the legal obligation of a 5-day reflection period does not apply.


During the intake talk, our doctor or nurse will discuss with you your contraceptive preferences for the future and advise you on how to make the right choice. We will be happy to give you personal advice on contraception to prevent a repeat abortion. For example, would you opt for an intrauterine device? Then we will insert it for you free of charge after the abortion treatment.

Would you like more information? Then take a look at the Contraception page.


Even if you have not had any treatment with us, you can talk to one of our doctors for tailored contraceptive advice.

Would you like a personal consultation about contraception? Go to our contact page and make an appointment and/or ask for a quotation without any obligations.

At Stimezo Zwolle, the psychological and general well-being of the woman before, during and after an abortion is the focus of care and counselling

The advice and information are aimed at helping the woman to formulate her decision making process as clearly as possible. The talk takes place in a quiet and atmospheric environment. The attitude of the employees of Stimezo Zwolle is professional, empathic and expert. The employees of Stimezo Zwolle do not judge or condemn what is said and always take the woman seriously. And certainly do not take a decision for her, no matter how difficult this decision may be for the woman. The counselling provided to reach a decision and any subsequent treatment is focused on the woman and her specific problems. The protection of her privacy is guaranteed.

Without judgement

Professional and involved

Stimezo Zwolle works with NGvA registered abortion doctors, NVOG registered gynaecologists, NVA registered anaesthesiologists and V&VN registered abortion nurses.

Abortion clinic Stimezo Zwolle helps with termination of pregnancy


Our abortion clinic is assessed with an 8.7!