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Early abortion at our abortion clinic

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An early abortion is possible if you have only been pregnant for a short time

An early abortion is possible at a maximum pregnancy length of six weeks and two days. An early abortion is possible for pregnancies of less than six weeks and two days, calculated from the first day of your last period. You can make an appointment directly with our clinic and no referral is necessary.

Difference between early abortion and abortion

The difference between early abortion and an abortion treatment is that early abortion treatment is not subject to the obligatory five days’ reflection period.


In order for early abortion to be possible, the pregnancy must be sufficiently visible in an ultrasound scan.


Both early abortion treatment and abortion treatment are possible by means of  suction curettage under local anaesthesia or a suction curettage under general anaesthesia. For the treatment with an abortion pill you must not be more than nine weeks pregnant.


Costs of early abortion

The costs an early abortion are reimbursed directly by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Should you have any further questions about the costs of an early abortion, please contact us or see the  frequently asked questions.